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Minecraft – The sandbox video game has captured the attention of young and old alike.   The game is straightforward as it involves building, exploring, and surviving.  The Minecraft game can be played by oneself or played online with others.  The game is not free.  It is interesting as it provides a profoundly immersive experience at the individual level. Its popularity can be gauged from the fact that about 500 million players play the game worldwide, and the Minecraft Mob vote has generated so much interest.

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With constant improvements and updates, Minecraft has managed to retain its popularity by introducing mobs regularly.    Minecraft Mobs refers to entities or beings such as the players themselves or monsters, villagers, etc. These mobs can be killed, spawned, teleported, enchanted, etc. These mobs have a unique number and have various helpers in the forms of animals, monsters, etc., to help craft the mob.

In addition, some selectors will help to describe and select a group of mobs. The selection can be made on type, distance, etc. There are different categories of Minecraft mobs such as passive, neutral, hostile, tamable, etc. Each mob has its own AI system with unique behaviors and dynamics.  For example, Passive mobs are harmless and provide players with valuable items. On the other hand, neutral mobs target a player only when they are provoked.

Mojang had announced the date for the next Minecraft Convention event, which was held on Saturday, 16 October 201. It was a Minecraft Live event. Many die-hard fans of the Minecraft game voted for a new mob to be added in 2021 during the Minecraft Live event held during the weekend. This has become an annual tradition at Minecraft live. Here-in, fans can vote for one of the three mobs. This will later be added in future updates. This year in 2021, the three mob options given were Allay, Glare, and Copper Golem mobs. 

The winning mob will be added to the game. The other mobs will be discarded as of now but might be featured in the coming updates again. The Mob vote is very beneficial as it allows the players to choose what they want in the Minecraft game. The three mobs available for Mob Vote 2021 will be related to the themes of the update. The developers usually reveal all the three mobs much in advance to the fans.  This gives the players ample time to make an informed decision.

The Mob Vote 2021 will be hosted on Livestream at the official Minecraft convention event. The timings will vary depending upon the various time zones.   The vote for mobs and previous biomes votes were done via Twitter last year.  The purpose of the Mob vote is to have a collective opinion of the Minecraft community.


The voting was done via Twitter, and after two intense rounds, Allay was chosen. To describe Minecraft Allay Mob, allay mob is a cute and adorable being that loves to dance. So, in other words, it is a big music buff. The Allay is a small blueish color vex-like mob. Another quality of the Minecraft allays mob is that it will go ahead and collect more of it when given an item. It will collect all similar items that have even been dropped on the ground and bring them back to you.  It can be compared to a friend who is constantly bringing gifts.

It is like a flying drone that collects items. So after collecting a stack of the given item, it will return to the player. It will drop everything once it hears a note block.   So, this quality of the Allay is good enough to get lots of votes during the Mob Vote 2021. 

Another quality of the allay is that it can pick up non-stackable teams such as tools.  As explained earlier, it can collect items indefinitely and return collected items to a point near a note block.  Many have found this very interesting and are already thinking of an effective strategy to use Allay for automating specific tasks. All these adorable and valuable qualities of the Allay made it a hot favorite on social media. 

The Allay, in short, described as a friendly, music-loving mob, was revealed in a trailer before the Mob Vote. The trailer helped those voting learn more about the Allay and its qualities, which undoubtedly helped get more votes.  So, it was not surprising that it got the most votes during the Mob Vote 2021. So, in that way, it is handy.

The Allay mob will be added in the ‘Wild Update,’ which is due next year.  By so doing, the world’s biomes will be improved, and a new Deep Dark biome will be added.   In addition, the developers are also trying to consolidate the PC versions into a single PC launcher which will be available on the Xbox. Minecraft’s Allay is an exciting and unique addition to the game.   Hopefully, all Minecraft buffs are waiting that the Allay will have the same ability as vexes to pass through the blocks.  It is expected to arrive in Minecraft 1.19, the Wild update.


Though appearing second on our list, the Copper Golem was the final mob in Minecraft’s Live 2021 Mob Vote.   To describe the Copper Golem, as the name denotes, it is made or crafted out of pure copper.  So, like copper, the Copper Golem oxidizes over time and will freeze into a statue.   This is the minus point.  The plus points or the vote-winning features in the Copper Golem is that they are full of energy. They are always accessible and love to push copper buttons irrespective of what they do.  At the same time, they will not tamper with buttons that are not of copper. So, this means that the Redstone contraptions will be safe.  The Copper Golems also have a lightning rod on their head.  This can attract lightning and disperse oxidation.

Additionally, to stop the process of oxidation, players can use an ax as well.  Overall, the copper golems are friendly.   Their interaction with other players or mobs is limited.  So, players all over are already strategizing on using the Copper golems to automate the Redstone contraptions.

Like the Allay, the copper Golem mob was unveiled as the third and final mob during the Minecraft Live 2021 Mob Vote.   Made from pure copper, there is the danger of it oxidizing over time. Yet they love pushing copper buttons, and overall is fun to have them around.


The unveiling of Glare was done very excitingly.  Mojang released a video that had Jens and Agnes exploring Minecraft 1.19 world.   While Jens is looking for the other side, Agnes falls into a pit. After the fall, a new mob is discovered, which is Glare.  The Glare was hidden in a special structure with copper blocks, armor stands, Redstone lamps, a chest, and a barrel in the mob reveal video.

This is how the Glare was introduced to all the players.  It was the first candidate for Minecraft Mob Vote 2021. To describe the Glare, it is an adorable grumpy, and leafy creature. It is not dangerous to the players and can warn when there is the danger of hostile mobs nearby.   This is important because, in the recent Minecraft changes, hostile mobs only spawn in complete darkness. In such situations, glares will let players know of the dangers when the area is very dark. 

Another feature of Glare is that they do not spawn hostile mobs. So, players can take them along while traveling.   As the name suggests, glares act disgruntled when it’s too dark or when there is danger lurking nearby. Contrastingly, in well-lit areas, the Glare shows a cute and wholesome side.   They live up to their name.  As of now, only these qualities of Glares are known.   It is hoped that the desolate dripstone caves may be filled up with Glares because copper ore is common in dripstone caves. This is purely based on speculation.

To describe its appearance, the Glare is a slimy green ghost-like creature.  Two distinct eyes poke out of its head and are usually found in the underground cave systems.  The Glare is always on the alert and warns players when it is dark enough to spawn monsters. For Food, it can be given Glow berries.  These berries can be used to tame it and make it the pet.   On the downside, the Glare can throw a terrible tantrum and shake while dropping some particles.  So, the players must be attentive enough to know the spots of possible dangers in uncharted locations.


Mojang has built up the enthusiasm over the days by revealing the mob options much earlier.   Minecraft has become one of the most exciting and best games on Xbox because it constantly improves itself.

The Minecraft Mob Vote 2021   was exciting with an excellent finish.   Earlier, goats, axolotls, glow squids, warden, etc., were added to the game.  Now this year, after the Mob Vote 2021, it is the turn of the allay.

Now players are looking forward to the coming day when the development team will put in some new updates.

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