Avatar server for Minecraft Bending

Avatar server for Minecraft: Hello there, I simply want to share my server and it’s a story with the Minecraft Avatar server fanatics in this sub as recently there’s been an absence of suitable avatar-themed Minecraft servers that provide the gamer a good, lag-free, and also authentic Minecraft Bending experience.

You might ask me what makes your server various from any type of other server? Well, this server is one of the pioneers of Minecraft flexing, it was established currently virtually 3 years earlier, on my residence pc. Before we go further below’s a little bit of info on how Minecraft Bending was in 2012. Back in 2012 you practically had a few huge bending servers such as darkcrest and also benderscraft. As well as they all shared do tutorials as well as various other irritating things, darkcrest crashed frequently and also was not usable. The other servers likewise had comparable troubles, and also the good ones really did not last extremely long.
I myself had experience with Minecraft and Minecraft servers (had been on the team on other web servers, established some servers myself and programs expertise) I believed that I can do it far better and also create my own avatar-themed Minecraft server with Avatar. (I believed it would be remarkable to integrate Factions/raiding with Minecraft).
It really did not take as well wish for me to figure I had to fix the Bending plugin in order to give my gamers an excellent experience on my webserver. So I took care to decrease the lag and include some great attributes (Our web server was the initial one with a flexing scoreboard).

Avatar server for Minecraft | Minecraft avatar server

However it still had not been enough to take care of the plugin’s instability (My web server had an unexpected popularity rise and I in some cases had to manage 60+ players) so after a while, a lot more experienced close friends chose to participate on the development and also we determined to totally rewrite the plugin.
It took us almost 2 years to entirely rewrite the plugin making it right into a secure and also properly designed plugin with upgraded capabilities, a versatile ability system, brand-new features, and of training course good performance.
Ever since our server had actually expanded to be one of the significant Flexing servers, yet this year was also my examination year, so I could not give the server adequate time to sustain this development so it had shrunk once again, but my personnel participants were big assistance to me throughout these active durations, they would certainly monitor the server as well as assist those that needed assistance although they were active too. So this is a little bit of our tale, here’s what our server uses for you!

Avatar Minecraft server | Avatar server for Minecraft Bending

Minecraft is a most playing game. there are many avatars but we are talking about the Best 3 types of avatars.

  • The first one is a Character server, offering hectic Bending in combination with the timeless Intrigues experience (Factions v1.6) with the old commands like/ f program,/ f create, as well as naturally the simplicity of the old Intrigues. With raiding, flexing in opponent intrigue land (simply recently added), fields for each and every component and for all aspects, as well as for flexing + tools. Griefing, as well as raiding, is part of this server, so spend a long time on your defenses and offenses certainly! It’s resetting this Saturday by the means! Take part and have a go at it! http://itsalmo.st/#aireset2015 Besides that it provides some fun minigames, Paintball, MobArena, and our special DodgeAnvil.
  • The 2nd one is a Survival web server, providing the calm Minecraft survival experience in combination with Bending. Fire-spread and surges have been handicapped, everybody can assert a piece of land making use of a wand (Customized written plugin) as well as then build a home … flexing style, go to the woodland utilizing fire jet, obtain rid of the crowds making use of surge and also cooking porkchop utilizing heat-control.
  • Third, naturally, an imaginative (story) web server, we have individuals build all kinds of things right here, from made complex (broken) makers to base-designs for on the factions server or arenas, everyone is complimentary to develop what they such as.

I likewise wan na hereby thank my personnel for constantly as well as initiative they’ve spent on the web server, previous year I had actually been very hectic times as well as sometimes I can just come online once or twice a week and also they were the ones keeping an eye on the server, helping brand-new players as well as if a certain sector needed some overhauling they would certainly take care of it. Couldn’t have done it without you individuals!

Our server works on a Intel Xeon E3-1230v2 3.30 Ghz with 32GB RAM and 2x240GB SSDs, with a 1gb/s uplink located in London, UK.

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